Manuscript writing course

Manuscript writing course


The course is designed for fellows and researchers in medicine who are interested in improving their scientific manuscript writing skills.

This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of manuscript writing including publication ethics, choosing the right journal to submit manuscript skills and review of the manuscripts by editors and reviewers.

This course is valuable to those who write or review medical articles.


  • Why to publish medical manuscripts: publish or perish

  • Choosing and focusing a topic (research problem) for publication

  • Statistics in medicine

  • Essential tips to get your paper published

  • Manuscript types

  • Parts of manuscript (Abstract, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Tables,       Figures, Discussion, Conclusion, References)

  • How to choose a target journal for manuscript

  • Manuscript submission (format, cover letter)

  • What editors and reviewers want?

  • Respond to editor’’ and reviewers’ comments

  • Authorship  and ethics of publication


Beginners and experienced researchers will work on defined aspects of a sample of published manuscripts and their manuscript, and then facilitators and attendees will critique the work and provide some sample edits.

Language: Turkish or English

Duration: 1.5 days